Due to its characteristics, the possibility of customization and portability, V-Carta is an extremely versatile tool that adapts fully to your education goals.

Whether for use in educational establishments or at units, V-Carta presents gain in time planning, resources saving and reduction of rework.

In addition of allowing exercises to be stored for later study, instruction reuse or exchange of experience between schools or study groups.

Among the results presented using V- Carta, it allows:
- Greater involvement of students regarding the traditional media planning;
- Greater economy of resources regarding the use of topographic maps on paper and acetate;
- Possibility of planning operations anywhere in the world offering greater experience for students;
- Reduction of rework granting the use of projects on other school period;
- Reduction of student rework due to the ease elements removal and creation in the exercise scenario;
- Simple instructor interaction in the results presented by students;
- Easy understand of the exercise's results;
- Possibility of reuse and transfer from another student / instructor;
- Ease of adapting content to exercises using platforms and distance learning;
- Excellent cost-benefits.